Leveraging expertise in flexible work models and expanded microapp capabilities to return employees to facilities as economies reopen.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, City National Bank of Florida (CNB), like many financial institutions, scaled back physical operations at banking center locations to keep its employees, clients and the communities it serves safe. Throughout the pandemic, CNB has served clients by appointment in banking center lobbies and via drive throughs.

“As we prepare to fully reopen these locations, it is critical that people feel safe,” said Ariel Carrion, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, City National Bank of Florida. “The new microapp capabilities within Citrix Workspace will help us manage safety protocols on an ongoing basis and instill the confidence and trust of our employees and clients.”

As governments around the world ease their lockdowns, businesses must decide how, when and if, to return their employees to offices. Citrix Systems is leveraging its decades of experience in delivering flexible work solutions to help organizations of all sizes across industries do it.

The company has announced the availability of a new back-to-office solution built on Citrix Workspace that its customers and partners can use to safely transition employees back to offices, enhance their experience and wellbeing and enable them to efficiently adapt to the new world of work.

Delivering the next normal

“Most companies are realizing that back to the office will not mean back to normal,” said Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy, Citrix.

Historically, the office was the place where collaboration and innovation happened. Outside meeting spaces, colleagues held casual conversations in hallways, cafeterias and gyms.

But protocols designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus have changed this. Physical office spaces must now be configured to allow for social distancing. Employee schedules have to be revised to reduce the number of people in buildings at one time. Employees are required to be screened before they enter the premises. And visitors may not be allowed.

“This is an unprecedented time,” said Jeffrey Dean, Director, Global Security and Risk Services, Citrix. “There is no blueprint for safely returning employees to the office, but with the right technology and insights, companies can create a path to drive their business forward.”

With Citrix Workspace, companies can provide a consistent work experience that allows employees to perform at their best while addressing safety and health in the office environment. Leveraging new back-to-office microapp capabilities within the workspace, organizations can manage vital tasks associated with re-opening offices across HR, legal, facilities and IT, such as:

  • Conducting employee readiness surveys
  • Identifying and managing the moments that matter most to employees upon returning to the workplace, such as where they will sit or how team and customer meetings will be handled
  • Executing safety protocols
  • Performing health screenings and self-certifications
  • Managing occupancy to ensure social distancing
  • Location mapping and contact tracing
  • Designing communications strategies

Charting a new course

COVID 19 has set businesses sailing in unchartered waters. “As organizations focus on sustainable business practices, teams need to work, collaborate and lead in a highly distributed environment while increasing employee engagement,” said Shannon Kalvar, Research Manager, IT Service Management and Client Virtualization for IDC.

“The most reliable path forward will be engaging in the difficult discussions to find a path forward that both bolsters preparedness and accepts uncertainty to create a different relationship with partners, employees, and clients alike.”

To this end, Citrix has also launched a back-to-office resource center where companies can access technology demonstrations alongside templates and best practice processes, including those used by Citrix.

“People can’t do their best work if they don’t feel safe, and competitive advantage will go to organizations that recognize this and leverage technology to create environments in which employees are protected and can thrive,” Dean said. “We at Citrix have worked closely with medical experts, public safety and community officials to build a toolkit and guidelines to bring our own employees back to the office safely, and we are happy to share these with our customers and the market at large to help them do the same.”