Perspectives: Automation key to running efficient data centers

The value of data center automation in the cloud-centric digital economy
Automation key to running efficient data centers

While data centers have been around since at least the dawn of the computing age, their importance has grown exponentially with digitalization, the growth of the internet economy, and e-commerce. In a cloud-centric digital economy, businesses prefer data center operators that have streamlined and automated processes to keep data centers at optimum condition.

Indonesia is a good example of how digital transformation is changing the economy. The country’s e-commerce market is the largest and fastest-growing in the ASEAN region. In the cloud-centric digital economy, data center downtime can have a devastating consequence for both service providers and end-users.

To enable this growth in Indonesia and other countries, the cloud needs to be easily accessible to both consumers and businesses as it is the virtual platform on which e-commerce transactions take place. This puts the onus on data center operators to ensure that operations run smoothly 24/7.

It is, therefore, imperative to protect data centers from both external and internal environmental influences that could impact efficiency and operations. Key considerations include good infrastructure, reliable access to power distribution, an optimal physical environment, and connectivity to primary data routes.

This paper describes why a streamlined process of the data centers is essential for a cloud-centric digital economy.

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