Transforming with autonomous edge computing

In the first of our COVID-19 Conversations, discover why we need to evolve from ‘software-defined’ to ‘self-driving’.

The pandemic has brought to our attention how deep we are into the digital economy, where applications are the engines of business and data is the fuel, the requirements and workloads are simply exploding – in real time.

While the core IT management needs have not changed, they have become more complex as cloud and mobile apps become pervasive, and user experience is key.

That’s why real-time and resilient edge computing that’s also autonomous and self-driving has become business-critical today. And an essential part of digital transformation at a time when budget constraints and speed are key issues.

Listen in as DigiconAsia gleans some key insights into the evolution of this business-critical transformation, in our conversation with edge computing industry leader Stratus.

Some issues discussed:

  • Why is edge computing critical for business transformation?
  • How does edge computing work hand-in-hand with cloud computing?
  • What autonomous edge computing is all about.
  • Examples of how organizations across industries are benefiting from ‘self-driving’ edge computing.
  • How do we get there? What’s available to help us on this evolutionary journey?

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