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What does the pandemic-era distributed workforce really want?

Here is an update on the talent crunch situation in the region and the various push-pull factors polarizing employers and workers [...]

Lifebuoy sets up metaverse thinktank for business and social missions

With the evident increase in interest in Web3, NFT and crypto, Lifebuoy has set up a thinktank for strategies to leverage the metaverse for its business and social missions. [...]

Think holistic in driving digital transformation or risk getting poor returns on investment

In worst-case scenarios, spectacular digitalization failures nearly drove large corporations to ruin! Find out how avert problems and tap DX successfully… [...]

Smart commerce platform gets even smarter through digitalization partnership

Merchants on the platform can look forward to faster payments, better data-driven decision making, and unified control of their smart-commerce operations [...]

Schroders leverages intelligent automation to innovate and transform

Harnessing intelligent automation for better collaboration between human and digital workers in the hybrid workplace, to better meet customer needs. [...]

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