The Speed of Change: Manufacturing

App Dev priorities for the manufacturing industry in an era of crisis and recovery.

The Speed of Change: Manufacturing

This year, the OutSystems State of Application Development survey took place between February and March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold. In this period, respondents were grappling with lockdowns, work from home, supply chain and revenue disruptions, and a global market crash.

While it will take some time to fully understand the implications of the crisis, it has become clear that those organizations that demonstrate the most speed and adaptability in the new era of digital urgency will be poised for success while others will falter. 

Key survey findings are summarized in The Speed of Change:  How Fast Are You?  However, we’ve also analyzed respondent feedback within specific industries and geographies. 

This report highlights the view from the manufacturing sector (7% of survey respondents were from the manufacturing industry). Co-branded with Deloitte, it features a foreword written by Deloitte that summarizes its manufacturing research findings and recommendations for digital transformation while becoming more resilient.

Deloitte’s position aligns with OutSystems’ state of app dev research and recommendations, such as: 

  • The manufacturing industry has been hard hit by the pandemic
  •  OutSystems identifies most manufacturers as laggards (vs. leaders) on the speed and adaptability front
  • Manufacturers have some work to do in the areas of reducing their application backlogs and sourcing app dev talent if they want to overcome current challenges and achieve long-term success

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