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Hong Kong fintech leverages unified cloud data platform to boost business intelligence

With its huge data pools centralized, the fintech can now derive insights quicker and make data-driven choices more quickly.

A Hong Kong-based financial technology startup—providing smart payment solutions and forex tools for fast and efficient international and multi-currency transactions in Asia and Europe—has now adopted a unified cloud data platform to integrate their data into a single source in order to facilitate seamless data harmonization.

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Adoption of Fintech Companies in Malaysia is picking up pace, but more needs to be done

A quarter of the businesses there were hesitant, perhaps due to lack of tech knowledge in senior management: study

Over 75% of Malaysian businesses have embraced at least one fintech product or service over the past 12 months. Mobile payments and digital wallets were the most widely-adopted, with 63% of businesses surveyed indicating usage. This trend is likely to continue in the next 12 months.

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