In December 2021, at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team (AMF1™) announced their plan to maintain an-ever stronger competitive advantage from digitalized infrastructure in order to meet core business objectives.

For that to happen, the team needs to employ a state-of-the-art real-time intelligent data platform to gain instant actionable insights—from the voluminous data gleaned from race cars’ sophisticated component-level onboard telemetry.  

Making the best choice
AMF1™ knows that to ensure its technical teams and drivers deliver record-breaking performance on and off track, it needs digital transformation partners that are experts in the latest technologies such as AI and edge computing.

Only vendors with a solid track record in executing high performance digitalization (DX) projects and understanding their clients’ pain points could qualify as AMF1™’s architects of their future-proof next-gen network.

Among all the top contenders, Juniper Networks had proposed a compelling solution that resonated with AMF1™: their next-gen network will be designed to be ‘self-driving’: in other words, capable of understanding, interpreting, reporting and mitigating its own performance, in real time.

This innovative feat would be powered by the Juniper Mist™ AI Platform, where best-of-breed AI and automation will be used to drive AMF1™’s wired and wireless network. The result will be a super reliable, predictable and measurable digital infrastructure befitting the extreme needs of Formula One™ teams.

Also, Juniper Networks’ renowned cloud networking solutions and AIOps expertise have been well documented for bringing major organizations’ digital transformation efforts to the next level—by offering a sustainable and efficient suite of solutions that automate deployment processes.

All these winning attributes naturally clinched the deal for Juniper Networks, especially in the current global climate of rising inflation, ESG imperatives, talent crunches, and heavy geopolitical and cyber insecurity.

Clued-in to help solve every digitalization challenge
If an award-winning team such as AMF1™ team identifies with Juniper Networks, you know this champion racing operation is on to something great.

So does another well-known organization: Australia’s Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New South Wales (RSPCA). Only recently, its tie-up with Juniper Networks to support a physical expansion—which saw its Sydney Headquarters double in size with improvements across its various facilities—had proved to exceed expectations in providing better digitally-enabled experiences to clients across its spaces. This included the deployment of a range of networking solutions across Juniper’s AI-driven wired and wireless portfolio, which has enabled RSPCA NSW to offer a stronger digital experience for its staff and prospective pet parents alike.

Among other improvements, the smart network facilitates improved monitoring of animals under its care through Bluetooth® LE location tracking technology, while also streamlining operations across a multi-site network managed by just two staff!

In addition, the upgrades have enabled improved access to data and applications for its veterinary staff, educators and volunteers. By modernizing its IT operations to super-smart Juniper Cloud™ and edge solutions, the not-for-profit is now more resilient and future-ready than ever to adapt to new ways of working infrastructure.

Imagine a famous F1™ team driving your business
This year, with a shared focus on engineering excellence, Juniper Networks is partnering with the AMF1™ in the Formula 1™ Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2022 happening from Sep 30 to Oct 2.

Just like F1™ teams and famous household names like the RSPCA, businesses in ASEAN work in lockstep from the frontline- to back-end staff in order to ensure they run faster, harder and sharper in a competitive global business landscape.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, the demand for DX in the region is higher than ever. Ensuring speed and security at the network level is crucial to the successful deployment of new technologies that empower businesses to achieve greater resilience, agility and profitability.

Organizations wanting to emulate the success of AMF1™ and the RSCPA (NSW)’s digital transformation can check out the nuts-and-bolts of Juniper Network’s innovation “Experience-First Network Capabilities”, Mist AI platform, Mist Wireless solution, Enterprise at Home solutions, AIOps solutions, NaaS platform, “AAA”-rated Cloud Network Firewall, and join the ranks of 100 global Fortune 100 organizations and government entities that have chosen to excel at the speed of F1™.

According to Lee Ming Kai, Vice President, Systems Engineering, APAC, Juniper Networks, “Our solutions have been proven to enable businesses like AMF1™ and RSPCA to upscale their capabilities using artificial intelligence in customized and efficient ways. Leaders globally are recognizing the value of utilizing AI-powered solutions. We see a healthy growth in deployment rates, especially in Asia Pacific, where adoption of effective network solutions are directly linked to employee satisfaction as much as business expansion. From organizations who run networks to those who depend on them, Juniper Networks’ priority has always been to transform how people connect, work, and live.”


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