Case Study:

FWD Insurance grows with customer-centric innovation

FWD Insurance is a relative newcomer in Asia. To grow faster than the competition, it focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
FWD Insurance grows with customer-centric innovation

The company decided to move quickly and give consumers exactly what they wanted: intuitive mobile insurance services that cater to Filipinos’ desire for streamlined mobile services (in a country of 100+ million people).

In just 90 days, FWD launched a new customer-facing app called Tapp using OutSystems. Since then, Tapp has evolved alongside customer demands, giving them access to innovative insurance services like mobile premium payments, automated self-service, and investment tracking.

Since its launch, the Tapp mobile app has been adopted by more than 35% of FWD’s customers, has achieved an average user rating of 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, and has played a critical role in helping FWD embrace a culture of continuous, customer-driven service improvement.

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